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By Levi | Updated on 17 august, 2022

The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us, and we are not excited about the festive season as we have to tell you about our holiday gifts at eyeko. Whether you're shopping for family and friends, or treating yourself to one of our holiday gifts, our carefully crafted collection has something for you.

Mascara is one of those things that I never seem to be able to get rid of. I like this small size mascara only because it is suddenly possible to complete a product. My eyes are really sensitive so I need to change the mascara often. So when I received this in the subscription box, I felt good about not removing half the product. I'm one of those cheap people so it really hurts me not to use it.

The packaging is a little different than the others. It comes in soft tubes instead of hard ones. I really don't know why. I don't mind using the product. Our best-selling liquid eyeliner has a calligraphy-inspired brush tip, which makes the application quick, easy and highly controlled. The long-lasting formula has undergone some serious testing, and it's smoky for up to 12 hours and matte for 7 hours, meaning your winged liner will stay up all night. To top it off, it's a liner wagon and contains vitamin B5.



The waterproof formula makes it perfect for swimming laps and living pools. Added to the fiber with coconut oil and 12 fruit extracts, this vegan waterproof mascara coats each litter for a big wave. The innovative brush gives a big lift, brushing the lashes in a natural curl. Rotate the brush back over the lashes to enhance the curl effect.



The modern gel formula contains wax and cellulose powder to form thick lashes. The unique guitar-shaped brush helps to create a larger volume while curling and curling to stop the show with this dramatic lash mascara. This mascara is great for making dramas. Apply light layers between the eyes alternately until you get the results you want. Once you feel that you have finished, rotate the brush vertically and pull the lashes individually to see more length.



The unique lotus flower-inspired brush enhances extension, lift and curl lashes to increase elasticity. Inspired by match green tea and vegetable fruit extract, this vegan formula helps in conditioning while enhancing your natural lashes. Yoga waterproof mascara with super sting power is ideal whether you are practicing sun salutation or going to brunch. Bulbs have a lot of volume at the bottom, so use it on the eyelids first then follow up using the straight tip of the brush to lengthen.



Fans favorite formula, which contains caffeine and biotin, extra fiber, wakes up the most sleep for care volume, curls and all-day care. Apply colored mascara with four thin shades to brighten the eyes and remove the lashes. Coat the mascara stick in the product and hold the brush as close to the roots of the lashes as possible. When you lift the brush over the lashes, gently move from side to side to increase the volume while applying the right coating on the tip.

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